Food Philosophy

A journey is an experience that should allow you to enter  a state of complete symbiosis with the territory you are exploring. Our breakfast is an integral part of our idea of what a journey ought to be. Our breakfast is almost entirely based on local products.

We have searched for the best local products  in order to serve a breakfast that fully reflects the flowers and aromas of our area:
-        Caffè Grieco, roasted in Matera
-        Rugiada fresh milk from a cattle farm in Irsina (Azienda  Agricola Squicciarini Antonio)
-        Fresh fruit brought in daily from the nearby market close to the main square (Piazza Vittorio Veneto)
-        Hand-made bakery products from the Panificio San Giacomo. Every day fragrant croissants, sweet and savoury pies, sweet braids, the special bread from Matera bearing the IGT label and much more is ordered for our guests.

We also have a small bar serving aperitifs (cocktails) at dusk, the best time to sit on our terrace and watch the Sassi as it changes colour.

For groups we also organize musical cocktail hours and food tastings with local specialties from the folk tradition or theme-dinners with catering services. Musical entertainment is provided by the folk group “Allabuun” that play instruments from the  local tradition and sing old songs with a modern touch. This experience has become a favourite and is greatly appreciated by groups not only because the songs tell veritable stories of life in times long gone, but especially because, once you get caught up in the rhythm of the songs, you just can’t sit still.



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